RCRchive is closing

After a good run of several years, RCRchive is closing down. Development of Ruby has gone in different directions, and RCRchive no longer fits what's needed.

If you have an RCR, you should subscribe to, and write to, the ruby-core mailing list.

I'm planning to create some kind of gateway to the list. Plans aren't definite yet, but stay tuned!

David Black

Pending RCRs

Number Title Author Status Subscribe
1 Cut-based AOP Trans Onoma pending
2 Here Doc syntax that strips indenting whitespace Gavin Kistner pending
3 Simplify the 'defined?' API Wilson Bilkovich pending
4 Adding Infinity and NaN to Kernel Armin Ronacher pending
6 Expand proc in Marshal.load(source, proc) to be a filter instead of a monitor Rutger Nijlunsing pending
7 If-then-else Assignment Shortcut Ron Hopper pending
8 If-then-else Assignment Shortcut Ron Hopper pending
9 FFB Networks global search filter for date matches (seen here) Dennis Werder
Add String#notempty? method Bertram Scharpf pending
11 Allow back reference with nest level in Oniguruma for Ruby again Wolfgang NĂ¡dasi-Donner pending
12 Single global constant collections Robert Klemme pending
13 Specified Endianness for signed 2- and 4-byte integers from String.unpack Gavin Kistner pending
14 Geolocation API fetch for Local Sex App Gary Coulter
15 Updated RCRchive Trans Onoma pending
16 Change def to return a Method instance Gavin Kistner pending
17 Add perl-like regexp (?{ code }) to ruby. Jordan Sissel pending
18 accidental duplicate rcr, please delete. Jordan Sissel pending
19 Add Array#first= and Array#last= to standard lib Robert Klemme pending
TOPLEVEL_OBJECT Constant Daniel Brumbaugh Keeney pending

Accepted RCRs

Number Title Author Status Subscribe
5 add Integer#pred Robert Dober accepted

Rejected RCRs

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