Allow back reference with nest level in Oniguruma for Ruby again (#10)

Submitted by: Wolfgang Nádasi-Donner

This revision by: Wolfgang Nádasi-Donner

Date: Wed May 16 06:45:32 -0400 2007

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Version 4.2.0 (2006/07/18)of Oniguruma introduced a new element for regular expressions, back reference with nest level (”\k < name+n >”, and ”\k < name-n >“).

This feature was removed for Ruby in Oniguruma version 4.2.3 (2006/08/11) with the remark:

2006/08/07: [spec] move definition of USE_BACKREF_AT_LEVEL into NOT_RUBY.

This feature should be available for Ruby usage, because it adds a useful function and is already there and tested.


An already implemented and tested functionality was removed for Ruby usage.


Allow this construct again for Ruby usage.


Solution is already implemented and tested.


Already done


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