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RCR 306: include rbtree in the stdlib

Submitted by martindemello (Sat May 14 15:51:24 UTC 2005)


A good red/black tree implementation in the standard library would enable several algorithms to be implemented more efficiently.


There is, as yet, no efficient implementation of data structures such as a priority queue and a sorted collection in ruby's standard library. This often leads to algorithmically suboptimal but implementationally convenient reinventions of the wheel.


Add a red/black tree implemetation to the standard library, and classes like a Priority Queue and Sorted List as interfaces to it.


While there's a red/black tree available in the RAA, a balanced tree is a fundamental enough data structure that one should be available by default.


There's already one at
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I would love to see this happen, especially an optimal C version. --Ari

It's been years since I voted one way or another on *any* RCR, but I just gotta vote for this one. /vjoel/

Strongly opposed 0
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Neutral 0
In favor 9
Strongly advocate 16
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