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RCR 323: Object Graph Traversal in Standard Lib

Submitted by Robert (Thu Oct 27 08:31:56 UTC 2005)


Make a standard library function available that starts with a given object and traverses all objects reachable from there properly dealing with recursion.


It comes up frequently on ruby-talk that people want to traverse object graphs to do something with each instance. Although there are certainly specialized traversals needed a great deal of them just visits every instance and does something with it.


Add a method (for example Kernel.traverse(obj,&b)) which receives a starting object and a block. It traverses through the object graph and yields every instance found at most once to the block. Proper handling of recursive structures included of course. An alternative interface might be Kernel.traverse(*objs,&b).


It's more efficient to have this in C code and only once so everybody can use it. Also it seems a fairly general thing to do. Module pp might also benefit.


The code should be there already (in Marshal), there's just another interface to it needed.
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Very good idea, this will be useful.

I'd stick it into ObjectSpace.

Seems reasonable. Anyone want to write a Ruby version in the mean time? ObjectSpace#traverse.

While were at it why isn't #each_object just called #each and Enumerable included? Ah...becuase it takes a parameter -- Enumerable should dela with that, but Matz has said "no". :( Reconsider?


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In favor 5
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