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RCRs submitted by dblack

Number Title
231 Kernel#singleton_class

RCRs commented on by dblack

Note: due to the transition from the old Wiki-based comment collection (where comments were not stored by author), only comments since late October 2004 (opening of new RCRchive) are listed here.

Number Title Author
345 Make Ruby 2 standard libraries use Symbols in place of C-sty dblack
343 Make class constants less cumbersome dblack
331 Remove 'true' parameter from #attr dblack
325 Inherit Module Class Methods dblack
318 easy way(s) to make a duck dblack
312 Object#in? dblack
311 Array#unzip, inverse operation to Array#zip. dblack
310 Tighter Support for Symbolic Parameters dblack
309 __DIR__ dblack
308 Enumerable methods to select iterator other than 'each' dblack
307 Allow attributes to take arguments for assignment dblack
305 return nil from simple object loops dblack
304 reference/pointer concept dblack
303 nil should accept missing methods and return nil. (NullObjec dblack
295 Object#blank? dblack
288 Concat Block dblack
277 Make def return something useful dblack
231 Kernel#singleton_class dblack
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